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Tronixpro Fishing Suit


Key Features

  • Lightweight, waterproof jacket designed to keep the angler dry in the worst downpour.
  • Comes as a separate bib and brace trouser with a jacket, so each can be worn independently of each other.
  • Two side pockets keep hands warm and dry.
  • Reinforced knee pads protect the suit and the angler when kneeling, with a Velcro and zip adjustment to allow them to be put on while wearing footwear.
  • Available in sizes Small through to 3XL.

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A lightweight, waterproof suit that has been designed to keep the angler dry in the worst downpour. It comes with a separate jacket and bib and brace, allowing the angler to use it as a multi-function suit, wearing the whole suit in a downpour, or just the bib and brace or jacket when required. The jacket will pack down easily enough to be stored in a rucksack or tackle box, ideal as a “just in case” waterproof jacket.

Designed to be fully waterproof to keep the worst weather out, the jacket features two side pockets to keep hands warm and dry with adjustable cuffs. The bib and brace have reinforced knee pads, kneeling down when baiting up or preparing tackle is not an issue on any surface. Velcro and zip adjustments at the feet allow them to be put on when wearing footwear.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
TPFSS Tronixpro Fishing Suit - small Small £88.99
TPFISM Tronixpro Fishing Suit - medium Medium £88.99
TPFISL Tronixpro Fishing Suit - large Large £88.99
TPFISXL Tronixpro Fishing Suit - xlarge XLarge £88.99
TPFISXXL Tronixpro Fishing Suit - xxlarge XXLarge £88.99
TPFISXXXL Tronixpro Fishing Suit - 3xlarge 3XLarge £88.99

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