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Tronixpro Cobra Light


Key Features

  • 4.2m in length, casting 50 - 150g.
  • Three-piece, 40 Japanese carbon, blank, rung with Fuji Alconite rigs and a DPS reel seat.
  • Designed for light tackle British shore fishing.
  • A fantastic summer fishing rod, ideal when targeting species such as bream and garfish as well as flatfish in the spring.
  • Comes with hard protective case and padded bag.

Where to buy

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Designed to cast fragile baits to distance without breaking them up. It’s the perfect rod to fish with when looking for delicate bites and for fishing close in when a heavier three-piece or traditional beachcaster is too much. It’s the ideal light beach fishing tool. The Cobra Light features a perfectly balanced tip, not too soft that it flops around in the wind and not too stiff that it could bump off shy fish or not show delicate bites. It has a progressive action and taper that allows you to get the best out of the rod throughout its casting range. The recovery rate is excellent and is smooth and fast without being too aggressive. The blank is constructed from 40T carbon with a carbon scrim developed by Mitsubishi, Japan. This super volume, lightweight, high-density carbon produces a light but strong blank. The rod is fitted with Fuji Stainless Alconite KWAG guides and has a Fuji DPS reel seat.

About the Cobra series

The Cobra series of rods have been designed to cross the bridge between continental style surfcasting rods and traditional British style rods, designed to cope with the rigours and unique nature of shore fishing around the coast of the UK and Ireland. The range features four rods, each of which caters for a specific style of fishing. The range includes a light, beach ledgering rod designed for fishing for smaller species in the summer, The Cobra Light. The Cobra GT is intended for general clean beach fishing and has been responsible for landing some big fish in its time, including stingray to over 60lbs. The Cobra TT V.2 is the heavyweight rod, designed for fishing heavy seas, fast running tides and mixed rough ground marks. The Cobra GT-2 is a unique take on the continental style rod, and unlike its sisters, this rod is a two-piece beachcaster, the first two-piece continental style rod of its kind. All Cobra rods feature top quality components from Fuji and built from lightweight but tough, strong carbon from Japan.

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4.2m | 50-150g

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