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Tronixpro Aphex Match


Key Features

  • 13ft in length, casting 3-6oz.
  • A light, two-piece beachcaster that is ideal when targeting species such as bass, flatfish and whiting from clean beaches, constructed from 24T carbon producing a lightweight, sensitive blank.
  • Designed for multiplier and fixed spool reels.
  • Tough and durable Seaguide K guides.
  • Comes with Tronixpro Coaster reel seat and rod bag.

Where to buy

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Despite their name, Match rods are not only popular with match anglers but also the wider angling community as well. These light beachcasters are ideal when targeting species such as bass, flatfish and whiting from clean beaches. The Aphex Match is a 13ft, two-piece rod constructed of lightweight but strong 24T carbon. Designed to cast 3 to 6oz plus bait giving the angler plenty of scope depending on the situation they find themselves in, allowing them to fish short and long. The Aphex Match has a supple tip, designed to register faint bites, yet, retains the strength for casting distance and rigidity so it doesn’t wave around in adverse weather or by the motion of the surf. The rod comes with a Tronixpro Coaster reel seat and is rung with Seaguide K guides.

About the Aphex series

Our new Tronixpro Aphex range of rods covers both shore and boat fishing. With Aphex, we wanted to create a range of rods that are well designed, lightweight and fitted with good, reliable components in a sensible and affordable price bracket. The aim was to create a comprehensive range of rods that covered most of the requirements of the shore and boat angler. The range of rods covers a multitude of different casting styles and disciplines from two-piece traditional beachcasters, continental surf casting rods to boat fishing rods and uptiders. Aphex contains two continental style rods, the GT with a spliced in tip and the TT with a tubular tip. A light and match beachcaster cover the light beach, estuary and bass angler with the beach and power versions covering anglers who are fishing heavier leads and baits for bigger fish. For the boat angler, our boat range includes an 8/15lb, a 12/20lb and a 20/30lb class boat rod as well as an Uptider too.

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13' | 3-6oz

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