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Marukyu Isome
Marukyu IsomeMarukyu IsomeMarukyu IsomeMarukyu Isome

Marukyu Isome

Imitation worms that are made from biodegradable material that look and feel like the real thing.

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Product Description

An imitation worm that looks and feels like the real thing. Made from special biodegradable material that is enhanced with special amino acids that attract and induce feeding actions of fish. They can be used on their own as a standalone bait and have been prove successfully in targeting plaice and flounder. They are an ideal bait to use when LRF fishing cut to the desired length and mounted on a jig head. A great backup bait when the fresh stuff is hard to obtain, worms are stored in a sealed bag with a special preservation liquid to keep the bait in top condition indefinitely.

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Red Extra Large
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Red Medium
Brown Small
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Red Small
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Red, Green, Pink, Brown, White


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