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HTO Wreckerz


Proven fish catchers from shore and boat, accounting for bass, pollack, cod and other predatory species.

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3pc - 12.5cm - Sunrise
3pc - 12.5cm - Mackerel
3pc - 12.5cm - Blood Line
3pc - 12.5cm - Holo Pink
3pc - 12.5cm - Lumo Glow
3pc - 12.5cm - Pearl


These shad shaped lures are prolific, proven fish catchers. They can be fished with a flying collar rig setup from a boat for cod and pollack or tied direct and cast from the shore. Darker coloured lures are ideal for pike fishing. Available in six colours.


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3pc – 12.5cm – Sunrise, 3pc – 12.5cm – Mackerel, 3pc – 12.5cm – Blood Line, 3pc – 12.5cm – Holo Pink, 3pc – 12.5cm – Lumo Glow, 3pc – 12.5cm – Pearl


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