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HTO Soft Fry 9cm 15gHTO Soft Fry 9cm 15g

HTO Soft Fry


A sinking lure that can be worked on the surface with the right action, can be cast to good distances due to its weight and pencil like body.

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At 90mm and 15g the Soft Fry can be cast to distance due to its pencil like shape. It is a sinking lure but can be worked up on the surface too. When the fishing is difficult using the Soft Fry can often make all the difference.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
HSF90R HTO Soft Fry - 1pc - 9cm - Red 1pc - 9cm - Red £7.99
HSF90Y HTO Soft Fry - 1pc - 9cm - Yellow 1pc - 9cm - Yellow £7.99
HSF90B HTO Soft Fry - 1pc - 9cm - Blue 1pc - 9cm - Blue £7.99
HSF90G HTO Soft Fry - 1pc - 9cm - Grey 1pc - 9cm - Grey £7.99

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1pc – 9cm – Red, 1pc – 9cm – Yellow, 1pc – 9cm – Blue, 1pc – 9cm – Grey


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