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HTO Bug-ga


A shrimp scented versatile lure that comes in both UV and glow in the dark colouring and a paddle tail for maximum attraction.

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SKU: HULBU Category:
5pc - 5cm - Chart
5pc - 5cm - Red
5pc - 5cm - Orange Glow
5pc - 5cm - Ebi Pink
5pc - 5cm - White
5pc - 5cm - Smoke Black Flake


The Bug-ga can be used in both fresh and saltwater. A versatile lure that is shrimp scented, some lures in the range are sensitive to ultra-violet light and some glow in dark water. The flexible body with paddle type legs and a tail create maximum movement to attract predatory species.


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5pc – 5cm – Chart, 5pc – 5cm – Red, 5pc – 5cm – Orange Glow, 5pc – 5cm – Ebi Pink, 5pc – 5cm – White, 5pc – 5cm – Smoke Black Flake


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