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HTO Artic Eel Bodies


Spare plastic Artic Eel bodies that are interchangeable with both our shore and vertical jig heads to give you greater combo options.

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100mm - Pearl White UV
100mm - Green Shirasu
100mm - Chart Glitter UV
100mm - Grippan
100mm - Aji
100mm - Pink UV
120mm - Aji
120mm - Pearl White UV
120mm - Green Shirasu
120mm - Rhubarb & Custard UV
120mm - Chart Glitter UV
120mm - Grippan
130mm - Pink UV
130mm - Rhubarb & Custard UV
130mm - Pearl White UV
130mm - Aji
130mm - Green Shirasu
130mm - Chart Glitter UV


Spare Artic Eel soft bodies that come in three sizes of 100, 120 and 130mm. They are interchangeable with both the shore and vertical Artic Eel heads giving you versatility of pairing different shaped and weighted heads with bodies of different lengths.

3 per pack


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100mm – Pearl White UV, 100mm – Green Shirasu, 100mm – Chart Glitter UV, 100mm – Grippan, 100mm – Aji, 100mm – Pink UV, 120mm – Aji, 120mm – Pearl White UV, 120mm – Green Shirasu, 120mm – Rhubarb & Custard UV, 120mm – Chart Glitter UV, 120mm – Grippan, 130mm – Pink UV, 130mm – Rhubarb & Custard UV, 130mm – Pearl White UV, 130mm – Aji, 130mm – Green Shirasu, 130mm – Chart Glitter UV


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