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HTO Slizzle Jizzle


An entry level range of slow jigging rods that have been specifically designed for anglers looking to get into this fashionable and growing branch of boat fishing.

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SKU: HSLJI Category:
6'6" - up to 150g
6'6" - up to 230g
6'6" - up to 330g


Slow jigging revolution

The HTO Slizzle Jizzle is an entry range of rods designed specifically for anglers looking to get into this fashionable and growing brand of boat fishing. The actions have been specifically designed to work slow jigs effectively for long periods of time without fatigue. Each rod is fitted with miniature K guides and a HTO trigger grip reel seat with an extended fore grp for maximum comfort and effective jigging.

Fun action

The HTO Slizzle Jizzle has a parabolic action that helps to work the slow jigs correctly but also provides immense fun when a fish strikes. These rods will bend all the way, giving maximum enjoyment and some proper rod bending actions.

Multiple weights

The HTO Slizzle Jizzle comes in three different versions. All rods are 6ft 6in but with different jig weights. Ranging from 150g, 230g to the heaviest at 330g. This gives you a rod for each occasion whether it be light slow jigging or something a bit heavier.


Additional information

Dimensions 200 cm

6'6" – up to 150g, 6'6" – up to 230g, 6'6" – up to 330g


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