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HTO Rockfish Tubular


Tubular tipped light game angling rod for the ultimate in lure control, terrain feedback and bite detection.

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T UL - 7'6" - 0.6-7g
T L - 8'6" - 3-15g


The Rockfish T UL is designed to fish a variety of ultralight lures from Vibes to soft plastics. It features a tubular tip that ensures no energy is lost between the rod and lure when imparting action to your lures. This tip also gives excellent feedback from the blank for detecting seabed structure and bites.

The Rockfish T L is a great choice for when fishing conditions are little tougher, whether the be fishing rougher ground, deeper water or when tidal currents are strong. A step up from the ultralight, this rod is capable of landing larger fish with ease whilst retaining its sensitivity.


Additional information

Dimensions 200 cm

T UL – 7'6" – 0.6-7g, T L – 8'6" – 3-15g


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