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HTO Ventura Baitcaster


A low profile bait casting reel ideal for lure fishing with hard and soft plastic baits. A thumb bar allows immediate spool disengagement for rapid casting. It comes with 10 ball bearings for extra smoothness and a high gear ratio of 6.3:1 for a faster retrieve.

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Ideal for lure fishing

The HTO Ventura Baitcaster is a low-profile reel that has been designed for lure fishing from the outset. Baitcasters are the ideal choice when you are fishing with short rods, with trigger grips and require rapid, accurate casting with hard and soft baits. The reel comes with a thumb bar that allows you to immediately disengage the gear to quickly cast, it can be operated with one hand. The reel can load 145 yards of 12lb monofilament or 130 yards of 30lb braid.

Super smooth

The HTO Ventura Baitcaster comes with 10 ball bearings for extra smoothness and a fast 6.3:1 retrieve. The thumb bar is quickly operated and smooth, it will disengage quickly and engages with a simple turn of the handle. It comes with a level-wind to keep the line level on the spool, stopping bunching and aiding in casting longer distances.

Dual cast control

Dual cast control enables you to tweak the speed of the spool rotation using a dial on the side. This is ideal for you to tweak the spool based on the type of lures, rod or situation you?re fishing with. It also makes it ideal for use by beginners, they can tweak the spool in increments as they get used to casting with a baitcasting reel.

Stunning looks

Finished in a carbon effect with silver trim and a red coloured double handle. The spool is red and the three colours combine to make for a stunning looking reel.


Retrieve: 6.3:1
Bearings: 9+1 BB



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