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HTO Flik Stik


Key Features

  • Make fishing fun again! Single piece, through action rod for maximum enjoyment.
  • Short length ideal for brooks, rivers, edge fishing and casting short distances.
  • Lightweight and good looking, ideal for beginners and kids.
  • Length: 4’ 6”. Casting: 2-10g.

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Make fishing fun again! This short, versatile, ultralight lure rod has been designed to bring the angler maximum enjoyment when fishing for various mini species, trout and perch. It has the perfect, through action for extracting maximum enjoyment during the fight but has enough steel to flick small lures across brooks, rivers and shorter distances on lakes. Its short length makes it the ideal rod for fishing in small rock pools and down the edge of sheltered areas of headlands and structures such as piers and jetties. The rod is rung with quality, single leg guides and comes in a good looking black and orange colour scheme, with the butt section all orange to the butt ring and each ring fixed to the blank with hot orange whipping. Ideal for anglers wanting some extra fun, beginners and youngsters just getting into light lure fishing.

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