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HTO Breakwater Bag


Key Features

  • A well thought out bag with a large capacity, ideal for the shore and boat lure angler.
  • Designed to be rigid with rigid sides and a lid. It features a strong carry handle and a shoulder strap for moving between marks.
  • It has a hard plastic base, so the bag won’t tear or damage when fishing amongst rock marks or on sharp terrain.
  • The side of the bag features two rod holders, rods can be placed in these when tackling up to save damage on rocks.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 30 cm.

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Packed full of features, this lure fishing bag has a copious capacity and is waterproof too. Ideal as a shore and boat lure bag, it is designed rigid and features both carry handles and a shoulder strap for comfort when travelling between marks. The base is made from a durable, hard plastic which copes well with rough terrain such as rocks and boulders. The lid is made from a rigid plastic and is ideal for use as a base for tackle boxes when tackling up. The lid can be closed with a zip and for quicker access, it can be temporarily secured with a Velcro clasp. To the side the bag features two rod holders for keeping rods secure and upright, great for tackling up without leaning your rods on rocks or walls. A larger pocket on the opposite side is ideal for storing close to hand items like tools or a cloth. A well thought out bag that is ideal for the lure angler, but also, for the short session beach or boat angler too.

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Breakwater Bag

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