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Brighton Inshore Fishing

Brighton Inshore Fishing is a very new approach to charter fishing. It was formed to fill a niche which seemingly was being ignored. The explosion of interest in saltwater lure and fly fishing.

It is also the culmination of the founders (Rock guitarist Bruce Dickinson and shore fishing guide Robin Howard) combined 80 years experience of charter fishing from the customer perspective. The good bits have been emphasised, the bad bits cut away. With sailings for a duration of 3 hours, and then shore bound for 45 minutes, and sailings beginning at first light, with last sailing finishing with the sunset, It is the most accessible charter boat in the UK, catering for sessions before and after work. And with BIF happiest when supplying their own tackle, perfectly tailored for the fishing, you really can just turn up with suitable clothing for the weather, and jump on board. Bookings are taken even whilst at sea, and last minute availability often exists. Charter fishing was never easier.

For a fly and lure only boat, the species list is already quite impressive.

• Bass
• Pollack
• Cod
• Coalfish
• Bream
• Mackerel
• Scad
• Undulate ray
• Turbot
• John dory
• Smoothhound
• Solenette
• Garfish
• Plaice
• Squid
• Grey gurnard
• Tub gurnard
• Goldsinny
• Ballan wrasse
• Corkwing wrasse

Their success is due to stealth, and small size. And a skipper that understands fish. BIF1 is a fast (30knt) 22’ Pirate center console. The boat focuses on the sub 50’ reefs, and when the bass are in their summer locations, BIF1 can often be seen just 200 yards off Brighton Shingle. Stealth is very important in such shallow waters, and often the clients are required to make 60 yard plus casts to reach fish without spooking them. Only a raked down, purpose built craft can let this happen. In addition, with a maximum of four anglers, and the skipper able to see everyone all the time, the anglers also get the benefit of a constant stream of advice to maintain maximum effectiveness with the lure. And with only lures (and fly) being used, BIF have also re-discovered things that have been long forgotten. Such as their discovery of a Spring cod run, that refuses to eat bait. Brighton’s No 1 cod boat in the Winter / Spring 17/18 by a large margin.

Online – brightoninshorefishing.co.uk
Instagram – Brighton Inshore Fishing
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