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Tronixpro to Sponsor England World Shore Teams

TronixFishing is delighted to announce a two year partnership with The Angling Trust that will see its specialist sea angling brand, Tronixpro, become the Official Sponsor of the England World Men’s, Ladies, Youth and Junior shore fishing teams.

National Sea League Finals 2015 – Eastbourne

Full report, results and pictures from this year's Tronixpro National Sea League Finals held at Eastbourne, where Twenty nine of the best sea angling teams in the country braved challenging conditions for the chance to be crowned National Sea League Champions.

British Street Fishing Champion Adam Kirby joins the Pro staff team

We’re extremely pleased to announce another great signing to the Tronix / HTO ProStaff team, the recently crowned British Street Fishing Champion, Adam Kirby.
While Adam is probably best known for his Perch catching abilities and freshwater lure match results, his background is actually in saltwater, with the last four years dominated by LRF and HRF.
Adam puts his relatively recent success with freshwater lure fishing down to his finesse approach, using balanced tackle borrowed from Light Rock Fishing. We feel that Adam’s experience of using a vast array of LRF tackle will help our brand’s development, and we’re hugely excited to have access to this resource as we continue to evolve.

Adam had the following to say about joining Tronix and HTO, “I’ve been a fan of Tronix for a long time now. The launch of the original Rockfish UL rod was one of the pivotal moments for light lure fishing in the UK. A rod that for 20-something quid enabled thousands of anglers to try out this hugely fun branch of our sport and fall back in love with angling again. I really appreciate that brave investment that George made. Especially as larger organisations refused to believe there was a demand. The whole business truly believes in the future of the sport”.

“The mix of opportunities with Tronix are unique. My unhealthy addiction to Japanese lure fishing tackle is satisfied by brands like YGK and AquaWave, premium Japanese tackle firms devoted to modern lure fishing styles, including LRF. There’s access to an array of European lure brands like, Hart, Cinnetic and now Westin. And perhaps most exciting of all, is our own brand – HTO. A brand that we control and can really make a positive difference to UK lure fishing with. HTO has already proved it can design and manufacture its own lure designs with the highly productive Artic Eel and a range of LRF-style lure designs. The Mace being an instant hit with me. Best of all, by doing as much of the work ourselves, the price-points remain keen. That’s important to me as I really do want to see more people, young and old, getting into this area of the sport. If my involvement with HTO aids that process in any way, I’ll be a very happy man!”
Thanks Adam! Exciting times ahead. If you don’t already follow Adam’s light lure exploits, you can follow him on his blog, here: LRF UK

Introducing Tronixpro’s New High Performance Beach Rod

Our new three piece ‘continental style’ beach rod – the Tronixpro Cobra GT, is now available to buy from tackle retailers around the UK and Ireland!

Built to the highest standard using the best components and raw materials available, the new Tronixpro Cobra GT, specifically designed to be used on British beaches, offers unrivaled casting power and a fantastic bite indication.
Designed from the ground up and endorsed by former World Junior Champion and Tronixpro Prostaff member, Callum Graham, the Cobra GT has been hailed to have the same casting feel as a £400-£600 rod.
A whirlwind fishing success story, Callum Graham has been angling since the age of 4, stacking up a number of World Championship team medals including a Gold in 2012, 3 Home Internationals team golds, 10 international caps and many more medals including individual World Champion in 2012.
When Tronixpro wanted to seriously look into developing their own beach rod, teaming up with the Company’s first and longest standing Prostaff member was the obvious choice.
Callum’s requirements from the rod at the outset were “a fast action, powerful rod with a reasonably soft tip that can pick up bites, stand the abuse of heavy casting but won’t collapse at the cast”.
18 months later and the Tronixpro Cobra GT is now available to buy from tackle stores around the UK and Ireland – find your nearest stockist here.
Take a look at our latest video on TronixTV to see George and Callum discuss the new Cobra GT beach rod.

In line with Tronixpro’s mission to provide quality fishing gear at an affordable price, we have worked hard to bring a quality, high performance beach rod to the market at an affordable price and we think we’ve achieved something quite special for the price point:

Cobra GT 4.2m/14’ rod that is a bit quicker through the cast (RRP £299.99)
Cobra GT 4.5m/15’ rod perfect for straight overhead casting (RRP £319.99)

Callum has been using the final Cobra GT for a year now, choosing to use the rod at almost every single match.  “The Tronixpro Cobra GT is an incredibly powerful rod and can handle anything UK beaches throw at it. You can feel the rod punch and let out as you finish off the cast – it has the same casting feel as a £400-£600 rod on the market.”
“It’s an awesome rod for the money”.
Subject to availability, we are also offering a free Tronixpro Cobra GT baseball cap with every rod.

Martin Collison Joins TronixFishing Prostaff

The kayak fishing scene has exploded in recent times and the trend looks set to continue, Tronixpro is committed to supporting the growth of the sport in the UK and for that reason we need to work with the best kayak anglers on the scene.
Last year we added Mark Radcliffe to our team of Prostaff and since then Mark has provided us with many great blog posts and Facebook page reports. Mark is also sponsored by Jackson Kayaks. For 2015, Mark will have company over at Jackson in the form of Martin Collison, so it seemed natural progression for us to keep the team together and so we are pleased to announce the addition of Martin to “Team Tronixpro” Between the two of them, not many competition podiums are seen without one of them on it, if not both!

Martin told us:
“I’ve been fishing coarse and salt for nearly 25 years since the age of 6 due to my father being a keen angler. I started kayak fishing in 2009 after spending many years as a coarse match angler and specimen angler and also a keen beach angler but as soon as I hopped into the kayak this opened so many opportunities for me be it fresh or salt water.

I travel all over the UK for competitions and meets, the social at events and meets is superb and I’ve made so many new friends and learnt a lot from fellow anglers. I don’t mind what I catch be it big or small as it’s all part of the fun and I love targeting selected species as I enjoy a mixed variety of species be it fresh to salt. I love fishing light on the kayak and getting the right presentation on baits and lures. In 2014 I was lucky enough to win two major competitions and come second in two, with a few other placing’s.

SWKA Oxwich competition I came second out of 141 kayak anglers and I have also been 3rd and 4th in previous years. Scarborough I came 1st. I’ve had a few placing’s on the kayak circuit over the past few years and last year saw me as one of the most successful tournament kayak anglers of 2014. I have also joined Jackson Kayak fishing team for 2015 which has open up some great opportunity’s and fishing trips in Europe. I’ve been using Tronixpro Tackle for the past couple of years with great success.
I am so delighted to be becoming a member of their Pro Staff. Tronixpro have a vast selection of rods, reels and terminal tackle that will be perfect for use from the kayak and I can’t wait to get started working my way through it and reporting back on my catches and experiences.”
Thanks Martin, we look forward to working with you and look forward to seeing some of your reports!