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Mario Asprou

Discipline: Beach Match Fishing / Surfcasting / Boat Fishing / Lure / LRF

Mario started fishing when he was just 4 years old and the sport has always been a true passion of his. One of his most memorable catches has been an 8lb bass caught with live bait whilst fishing on a local beach. Another was a 105lb blue shark when fishing on board White Water out of Milford Haven.

As a crew hand on Andrew Alsop’s White Water Charters and Paul Crossman’s Benjoma Too, Mario has experienced shark and wreck fishing in the Celtic deeps and uptiding in the strong muddy tides of the Bristol Channel.

Mario’s main passion is beach fishing in South Wales, which has a varied coastline from shallow sand beaches to deep rock marks, where a large variety of fish can be caught.

Mario has also been getting into course fishing, enjoying fishing for pike, this gives Mario a wide range of fishing to choose from when the fishing in the Bristol channel is quiet.

Whilst Mario's main passion is targeting big fish from the shore and boat, he also enjoys catching the smaller fish too and he has recently been introduced to LRF and Lure Fishing through his sponsorship with TronixFishing. This has expanded the range of fishing he does and helped him catch new species.



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