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Pete Cook

Winter Wreck Pollack Fishing

Winter wreck pollack fishing can produce some huge pollack, Pete Cook takes a look at some light tackle techniques to help you catch a monster.

Cod Lures – Our Top Five

Targeting cod on lures is awesome fun on light jigging rods, we take a look at the tackle you need and our top five cod lures.

Winter Wonder Bass Leviathans

For some anglers the first signs of winter set the panic bells ringing, but it really doesn’t need to be like that. If you can locate fish, sport can be mind blowing as our recent bass fishing session would prove.

Designing the HTO Artic Eel Lure

Pete Cook runs through how he came up with the idea of the HTO Artic Eel and shows us some of the steps he took to design and create this hugely successful lure.