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Mark Radcliffe

A Species Hunters Diary – September

Mark Radcliffe continues his quest for 50 kayak caught species, heading to Christchurch and then Scotland in pursuit of the last remaining species.

A Species Hunters Diary 2017 – June

Mark Radcliffe continues his Kayak Species Hunting, he's now on 32 species with another 18 to go to his personal target of 50 species from a yak in a year.

A Species Hunters Diary 2017 – May

Mark Radcliffe continues his search for 50 species from his yak into May, this month Mark goes in search of eels, garfish as well as focusing his efforts on the Swanage Classic Species Hunt.

A Species Hunters Diary 2017 – April

Mark Radcliffe continues his year round species hunt into April, this month Mark heads to Swanage and Devon in the hope of significantly increasing his species tally.

A Species Hunters Diary – March

Mark Radcliffe continues his kayak species hunting diary, a year round adventure to catch as many species as he possibly can from his 'yak.

Species Hunters Diary – January and February

In this new series Mark Radcliffe chronicles his species hunting on his kayak over an entire year, looking at what he's caught and how he caught them. Mark begins by retracing his January and February fishing.

Unexpected Jacks and More in Costa Rica

Although it was a family holiday, Mark Radcliffe couldn't resist packing a travel rod and a few HTO and Tronixpro essentials in case an angling opportunity arose in Costa Rica.

Light Lure Fishing for Chub

Although it's winter, we can't help dreaming of the summer already. Here Mark Radcliffe looks back at a summer learning what makes chub tick when it comes to lure fishing on the river.

Muddy Water Mullet

Often cited as one of the most frustrating fish to catch, Mark Radcliffe looks at some top tactics for catching wary mullet on light tackle from his kayak.