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Lee Goddard

Footloose with the HTO Rock Rover

The HTO Rock Rover is an ideal rod not just for the footloose or travelling angler, but for all anglers interested in Light Game Fishing, Lee Goddard looks in depth at this fantastic versatile rod.

Fishing HTO Shore Jigs Over Rough Ground

Wales based lure angler Lee Goddard looks at the HTO Shore Jig, his go to, reasonably priced lure when he's fishing the rough stuff for bigger fish on ultra light trackle.

Fishing Light Game Lures in North Wales

Lee Goddard looks back on a day fishing the Llyn Peninsular that demonstrates a clear knowledge of fish behaviour gives you an advantage when fishing light game.

Home and Away Aquawave Works

Lee Goddard looks over the range of Aquawave products that he uses for targeting fish using light game tactics.

Light Game Wrasse Lures

Lee Goddard takes a rundown of the best HTO lures for targeting wrasse on light game tackle.