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Jake Schogler

Autumn LRF Bounty

Autumn is a time for the bigger fish, Jake takes a look at some sure tactics to find the bigger fish amongst the kelp and the rocks.

Beating the Elements: Autumn LRF Tactics

Autumn is a great time to fish, the summer species are still here and the winter species are moving in, Jake takes a look at tactics and the types of venues to keep you fishing as the weather turns autumnal.

Light Rock Fishing for Flatfish

Whether you are wading a sandy beach in the warm summer sun or perched on a harbour wall hopping lures across the sea bed, light rock fishing for flatfish is addictive sport, Jake Schogler shows you how to target an LRF flattie.

Wee Rod, Big Fish – Landing big fish on LRF gear

LRF is often associated with catching smaller fish, but as Jake Schogler explains, the more you fish with this method the more you'll encounter the bigger fish, here, Jake runs us through how to land those bigger fish on ultra light gear.

Fishing the Clyde with Billy Buckley

Jake Schogler heads to the Clyde Estuary with fellow Prostaff member Billy Buckley in search of a mixed bag including pollack, codling, coalfish, flatfish and haddock!

HTO Artic Eel: I’m a Believer!

Tronix Prostaff member Jake Schogler gives the brand new HTO Artic Eel a working out on the east coast of Scotland with great results!

The Flat Fantastic – LRF Flounders

The humble flounder is one of the most widespread of our sea species, found right around our coast from beaches,estuarys, harbours ,rockmarks even in fresh water miles from the sea they offer great sport on light balanced tackle. Here Jake Schogler revels what he uses and how he likes to fish for them.