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Callum Graham

Baiting Tools and How to Use Them

England International Callum Graham looks at baiting tools and how to use them to present your bait perfectly, every time.

Tronixpro Blastron TT Review

Callum Graham was recently testing a selection Tronixpro Rods just before launch, here is his take on the new three piece heavyweight - the Tronixpro Blastron TT.

Championship Ready Tackle Part 1

England youth international Callum Graham guides you through some of the essential tackle items he used during the recent 2016 Youth World Shore Championships.

Pop it up for Winter using Tronixpro Luminous Pop-Ups

Whether I’m fishing in the humidity of summer or in the cold depths of the winter, one piece of terminal tackle I always carry with me are Tronixpro Luminous Pop-Ups! You’d be surprised at how many species are lured to these killer luminescent attractors. One of the most common questions I’m asked by anglers regarding pop-ups is how do you rig them…
I don’t trap pop-ups on my hook-length the conventional way with rubber stops or stop knots, they add extra weight, bulk and call me a tackle tart, but I don’t like the way they look either! Instead, I trap the pop-ups on my hook-lengths with cocktail sticks! By using the cocktail stick method you create a very neat and tidy stop that is self-contained inside the pop-up!
Rigging Tronixpro Luminous Pop-Ups
First thread the pop-up onto your hook-length.

Then firmly push a cocktail stick inside the hole of the pop-up.

Push the cocktail stick in as far as it will go, without using excessive force. Once in place, snip off the remainder of the stick as close to the pop-up as you can.

There you have it! A quick, easy and cheap way to stop your pop-ups from moving. To reuse the pop up, simply take another cocktail stick and push the cut off piece back out of the pop-up.

Give it a try, you may be surprised by how many species react to a bait presented in this way.

Yuki Maseraty Beach Ledgering Review

England International Angler Callum Graham reviews the Yuki Maseraty Beach Ledgering rod, a fine tool for the competitive beach angler.