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Mike Thrussell Jnr

Marketing Manager
Mike has been fishing since the age of 3 and has 30 years angling experience as well as over 18 years experience in the angling trade. Mike was the founder of the World Sea Fishing website which went on to become the largest sea angling website in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. Mike has worked in all aspects of the angling trade from media to marketing to product development and retail which gives him a broad understanding of most aspects of how the angling trade works. Mike has had articles published in three of the UK's main sea angling magazines including Sea Angler, Total Sea Fishing and Boat Fishing Monthly.

Mike is an all round angler, loving every aspect and discipline of angling including fly fishing for trout and salmon, beach fishing, boat fishing, carp and coarse fishing as well as lure fishing.

Mike's favourite bits of kit including the HTO Shore Game and the Tronixpro Cobra GT.

Mike came onboard with Tronix (UK) Ltd as Marketing Manager when he sold the WSF website in early 2016.

Slow Jigging Convert

Mike Thrussell Jnr looks back at two trips where he was converted to the way of slow jigging, targeting coalies and cod in Norway and wrasse and pollack in Ireland.

Light Tackle Fishing with the HTO Nebula

A lure rod is not just a lure rod and the HTO Nebula 2.1m is a fine example of a more than adequate light tackle option for sharks and other large species.

Winter Mersey Cod

Marketing Manager Mike Thrussell Jnr spends a day on the River Mersey, a venue famous for its winter cod fishing.

Tronixpro Large Seat Box Heaven

If you're after a decent sized, waterproof tackle box that's ideal for the boat or shore, then the Tronixpro Large Seat Box could well be the answer.

Lure Game Smoothhound Fishing

Mike Thrussell Jnr samples some light tackle smoothhound fishing with his HTO Lure Game rod out of the port of Holyhead.